Unclaimed Property/Royalties


In a legal sense, lost and abandoned property is a category of the common law of property which deals with personal property which has left the possession of its rightful owner without having directly entered the possession of another person. In simpler terms, it is basically money or property that people forgot about. Unclaimed property can take many forms, such as:


  • Unclaimed paychecks from a former employer
  • Unclaimed insurance policies payouts from deceased relatives
  • Security deposits from renters from houses or apartments
  • Inheritance money or property that was never claimed
  • Tax refund checks that we never cashed
  • Contents of safety deposit boxes that were never picked up from the bank
  • Money in dormant savings, checking, or money market accounts
  • Brokerage accounts with stocks and bonds that were never closed after the individual passed away
  • Unclaimed Music Royalties
  • Royalties with no forwarding address

How do I check for any of my lost property?

We will check for your property for free! Contact us at salasmusic@gmail.com. Please provide your full name and maiden name if applicable, and last three known addresses. We will check the State of California records. Whether or not we find anything we will notify you within 3 business days. We have found many people with several pennies up to several thousand dollars! You might be surprised especially if you have moved to several addresses in the past several years.

We handle the paperwork for you. In the event we find a lost account (funds) in your name, we will need you to provide a government ID card, or state driver license, marriage certificate (if applicable), proof of right to possession (if applicable) and a copy of your Social Security card. In approximately 4-6 months, you will receive a check.